Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Oh my Gosh, or OMG as my son would text, Last week my son sent me a message on facebook, telling me how much he liked this girl at his school. He went on to tell me he wanted a girlfriend and felt like he should be able to have one. First of all, I couldn't believe he was telling me this on facebook (we do live in the same house) second of all, he posted it on my wall for ALL to read (he is new to facebook). I felt so embarrassed for him. I knew everyone he went to school with would see it. I was trying to figure out how to erase it so I could save him from humiliation (I too am fairly new to facebook). Well, I could not figure it out. Luckily, one of his closest friends, Alex, called to tell him that everyone could read his post. He told Landon how to erase it. What a good friend.
Now flash forward to today, Landon came home from school to tell me he broke up with this girl. Let's see this relationship lasted for a whole week. I ask him why, and he said simply, "I don't like her." To beat it all, he texted her to tell her. Will I survive this crazy age of his? I will definitely have some hilarious stories to tell him when he is all grown up, that's for sure.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

First Week of School

My family has almost made it through the first week of school. It has been rough!! During the summer, my boys were sleeping until noon. They have been really good about going to bed and getting up on time. Things have been running smooth. Also, I have prepared a meal for my family each night, and we have dined together at the table. This has become a wonderful time for us all to share about our day and spend quality time together. I feel it is very important for us to eat our meals together each night. My boys are growing up so fast. I really want to cherish the time I have with them. Landon (my oldest) came home yesterday and ask me if he could have a girlfriend. I told him he could, but he could not see her outside of school. He seemed fine with that. Inside I feel devastated each time he "likes" a girl. When I look at him, I still see his little baby face. He will always be my baby. Dylan (my youngest) got punched in the stomach today by a boy in his class. I was so mad when I found out. I wanted to find the little boy and scare the crap out of him. I took the high road and let his teacher handle it. Will I always be this protective? Well, I guess I will go for now. Stay tuned for more!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


My new signature!

Who am I....

I am the mother of two boys, 12 and 10. Also, I am a wife, teacher, daughter, sister and friend. My friend created this blog to help me journal my life. Several times, I have compared my living situation to a fraternity house. I live with males. It is loud, gross, smelly, and never really clean. I spend my girly time in my bedroom. It is my own space, it smells great, it is clean, and there is NO pee on my bathroom toilet seat!! Stay tuned for more about My Life in a Fraternity House.